How to Maintain an Air Compressor

Having an excellent air compressor is an important part of the woodworking and manufacturing markets. As necessary, correctly maintaining claimed air compressor is perhaps the most important part of using and also powering pneumatically-driven tools. Since your air compressor is the muscular tissue behind your pneumatic tools, and behind your outcomes also, ensuring their efficiency from the ground up is equally as essential as your end results.

Check out the Proprietor’s Manual – The first action to effectively keeping your air compressor (or other piece of equipment for that matter) is ending up being acquainted with the operating/owner’s handbook. Although some crafters see their handbooks as completely inferior to their very own enormous expertise, in truth, the guidebook contains a hodgepodge of really useful information that will aid you guarantee your compressor does optimally for the longest possible quantity of time. So, check out and also exercise the guidelines in your operating handbook, they will not lead you astray.

Storage – Where you save your compressor is another vital variable. Whether you use your compressor everyday and also shop it just during the night, you, nonetheless, must keep the important things in a great, clean (dust-free) and also completely dry atmosphere. Where feasible, you must additionally cover the equipment guaranteeing it suffers from as few of the components as feasible.

Compressor Kind – Additionally, there are 2 main kinds of air compressor – those that need regular oiling (created for the heaviest industrial applications) as well as those that are oil-less as well as consequently require no oiling (developed for lighter-duty applications). Oil-less compressors need less normal maintenance yet additionally use quicker as well as consequently need replacement more often. On the other hand, compressors that need oiling, regardless of requiring a bit more interest from their operators, take pleasure in a renewing oil-bath and also the required regular maintenance that makes certain healthy elements and a longer life-span. Due to the fact that you have currently read your proprietor’s guidebook, you recognize which kind of compressor you have.

Specific facets of your compressor’s upkeep call for a little more frequency that. Some treatments should be performed daily or with every use, while others call for attention just on a bi-yearly or six-month basis. The following explains the best techniques as well as time intervals for properly keeping your air compressor.

Daily Maintenance – On a daily basis or at least with every usage, to prevent rust and water damages it is important to drain pipes any type of moisture from the air compressor’s tanks. To do this you must first release the atmospheric pressure from the tanks, open the drainpipe valves as well as permit all wetness to completely drain pipes. If you work in an especially dusty atmosphere, it is likewise wise to blow or clean any kind of debris from the device. This guarantees your elements remains tidy and free from clogging debris and also perform efficiently.

Weekly Maintenance – When weekly, remove any type of debris or other such blockages from the air intake vents. Clean them down well ensuring they are clean as a whistle and, if you make use of a compressor with a filter, obtain that filter whistling tidy also (you ‘d marvel just how dirty these things can get) as well as change it as needed. If you utilize your compressor exceptionally rarely, is probably not required to do this every week, yet do it after (regarding) every five uses.

Month-to-month Maintenance – Take a minute monthly to provide your compressor a good-old-fashioned exam. Evaluate its nooks and crannies paying special focus on relocating parts, hose pipes and also cables. Make sure the safety and security release shutoff opens up effectively, releases atmospheric pressure properly and also closes properly without any air leakage. Guarantee your pipes are leak cost-free as well as in or else excellent problem, and also that your cord does not have any breaks, kinks, scratches or reduces. Due to the fact that the electrical danger of utilizing a damaged cable is so wonderful, do not use your air compressor (or other equipment or home appliance) with a harmed cable.

Bi-Yearly Upkeep – Take a little bit even more time regarding twice annually (every six-months) to guarantee your most crucial functioning parts are working properly. Check each of the compressor’s fittings for air-tightness making sure there are no leakages and also test that your determines are displaying the proper readings. Replace parts and filers where required, and, should you face even more significant problems, quickly take your air compressor to a certified solution center for expert assessment. Visit

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