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If we want to be where people are, we must be active in the online world. The influence of cyberspace has been growing since the 1990s and a few decades later it is an important virtual environment for the vast majority of people.

Social media, streaming or the creation of content to consume online, are just a few aspects that have made the Internet a place to be. So, if we want to reach our online audience, how should we do it? Here are the most important trends that digital marketing professionals must take into account for their strategies in 2019.

Facebook loses popularity.

Although Facebook remains the No. 1 social network in the United States, in 2018 it has gone through many difficulties in addition to losing popularity among younger audiences. Therefore, we can say that the relationships between Facebook and the public are changing.

It is important that we always keep in mind who our target audience is, as Facebook may no longer be suitable for our campaigns. However, Facebook is still a massive channel and we can reach a large audience, although we must be very clear about our target to impact it from the right medium.

Instagram is successful with young audiences.

Although we commented on the previous point that Facebook was no longer popular with young people, Instagram has become the most popular social network for this audience and, after all, everything stays at home.

Instagram, the platform based on image and video content, is optimized to make it easy to share content from any device, especially via mobile, the most widely used device today.

This social network currently has more than a billion users, so we can say that it is one of the social networks that has grown the most in recent years and the most interesting thing is that the average of its users are young people under 30 years, the user profile that Facebook is losing.

The implementation of Chatbot.

Chatbot are virtual assistance softwares that have the ability to communicate with users, giving them help and support for those things they need: resolution of doubts, online appointment request, reservations, etc … Chatbot interact with humans in a natural way, usually by text but it is also possible to do it by voice.

The use of chatbots is the order of the day either to give us weather information or as customer service of different services. The bots allow users to receive personalized attention and in 2018 have proved to be very effective so in 2019 sure will increase its use.

Video is essential.

According to a study conducted by Hootsuite in mid 2018, YouTube has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. This means that the majority of the population is watching videos, and most of them are recorded for digital marketing purposes.

While YouTube is the most popular platform for viewing videos, it doesn’t mean that we can’t broadcast videos on other social networks. Digital video marketing is paired with metrics that are incredibly accurate and valuable for digital media and that allow us to know not only the type of video content that is best received by the audience, but also how that content is being consumed. We create videos for Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, it is a very effective digital marketing tool. It allows us to transmit information and emotions in a visual format that, if used well, can bring us impressive profits.

Live video

Live video is undoubtedly one of the formats that is on the rise. This is largely due to the recent appearance of streaming platforms that make it easier for any user to share video content in real time. Platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo or Instagram Stories allow us to share streaming content with our followers.

Live streams gain strength when it comes to digital marketing when combined with influencer marketing. Whether it’s the new generation of influencers or those who use traditional sources, such as athletes, celebrities, musicians or actors, making live broadcasts with an influencer who comments on our product/service and interacts directly with the audience, has a huge impact on our audience.

The spontaneity and interaction of the live stream can be a great attraction when done well.

Value content remains important.

Content marketing remains an essential component of digital marketing. Quality will always be important but a new interest has emerged in further analysing who the recipients of that content are. Understanding our target in a precise and sophisticated way is a growing trend to achieve more effectiveness. Therefore, we have to tend to an even more personalized and specialized content for our audiences. Combined with improved metrics, this keeps content marketing fundamental and necessary.

Emails are becoming more and more personalized.

Email continues to be one of the fundamental means of communication with billions of users using it for personal, commercial, legal, scientific or academic purposes. So we can say that email marketing continues to be an important element in digital marketing.

However, we can say that it is evolving, as the most generic emails are no longer as effective. It is the combination of automation and personalization that makes email marketing one of the main trends of 2019. Include in the email information of interest about our product, accompanied by a discount or promotional video can be very effective.

Usually the email is the final trigger to motivate action, especially when combined with remarketing campaigns.

Voice interaction is on the rise.

Thanks to Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa, verbal interaction with technological devices is on the rise and this is because speaking is the preferred way to interact. And robots are evolving so that they know the way people search, buy or discover new things.

However, we must bear in mind that doing a voice search is very different from writing our query, especially in the results. When a user makes a written search, the search engine offers all possible searches on as many pages as there are results. This means that voice searches require a different approach, but it’s an area that we can’t ignore because users use robots more than ever.

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